As peace agreement breaks, Galmudug soldiers make fresh gains – Soldiers receiving orders from General Areys of Puntland tried to raid frontline soldiers of Galmudug stationed at Agar-weyne.


Galmudug soldiers who were informed that Mr. Areys received weapons     from Jigjiga successfully foiled the attempt.

The soldiers of the General shelled the residential areas in Galkayo and sooner the Galmudug soldiers responded excessively.

After a long time of continued fighting, Galmudug forces takes advantage of it, penetrating into positions of Puntland area including Hotel Amal Plaza, Agarweyne, and airport of Galkayo.

President of Puntland Abdiweli Gas insisted on that the soldiers broke the agreement were receiving the order to launch the attack on Galmudug from General Areys.

Meanwhile, Galmudug soldiers captured Hotel Sugulle about 5 Kilometers of the downtown of Galkayo.

The General vowed that he will not stop the fighting in a bid to avenge his 52 officials killed in action.

Heavy casualties reported in the fight in Galkayo and both of them are mourning as those killed are relatively their kith and kin, which can be expressed killing one’s his own friends and family members.

Galkayo is a cosmopolitan area, where all Somalis have been enjoying full rights to live due to being  peace.

Shabakada Kala Soco Wararkii Ugu Danbeeyay

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